Returning to the industry after 3 years, despite thinking I never would.

Fashion is akin to a game, always on the hunt, always alert, always strategizing - the need to captivate the audience, to be intriguing, yet playing it safe enough to survive. While physically crafting one collection, ideas for the next are already brewing, while the previous ones are still in demand. It's a constant change of scenery from Milan to London to New York...

For me, this dynamic persisted for a long time, and it suited me—the adrenaline, the drive, the creation, and the destruction. Yet, I knew it was time to "leave" when I was at the top. Happy and content. Exhausted.

Because, as always, it took its toll. I began to simplify the women I originally designed for. I wanted them to be princesses and rock stars in real life, whether naked or dressed only in sheer fabrics. With crowns and veils, covered in crystals—ruthless, tender, animalistic, and majestic...

I had to step back, not because I wasn't proud of what I was creating, but simply because sometimes, for the show to go on, it also has to stop.

And so I did. It did.

I believed I would never return.

Life happened, I met friends, I lost friends... and the bubble I once existed in slowly disappeared.

I started to see things again.

So this collection won't have a grand show or global PR. This one is mine and yours, dear women.

This collection honors women for who they are. Because they don't need to be queens or aliens; they don't need to reflect what I desire and demand, what the fashion business requires.

Because they already have roles. The biggest ones. They are women, mothers, young professionals, managing their businesses and households, grandmothers, someone's daughters... It's a tribute to the beautiful woman of everyday life - working, picking up children from school, going for drinks with friends, visiting galleries, shopping, strolling, on a first date or a 20th wedding anniversary, at the theater or at home with coffee or a glass of wine and a good book.

It's a tribute to life.

To all the small things and the grand being of everyday life.