VEGAN. SUSTAINABLE. ORGANIC. A dress light as a feather and heavenly white. Originally made for the pianist who wore it at the Jiri Kalfar S/S 2021 show while playing on the piano surrounded by flowers, waterfalls and models. This dress has a flattering silhouette. The dress features: shoulder less sleeves, two straps that go on the shoulders, two straps on the back side of dress that make a bow when tied. Ended with a ruffled edge. Perfect dress for summer events.

The most loving way to wear silk.

Peace Silk means non-violent silk breeding and harvesting. It allows the completion of the metamorphosis of the silkworm to the butterfly, so that no animal must suffer or die for fashion. Peace Silk (Non-Violent Silk, Ahimsa Silk) is manufactured under the most stringent social and environmental standard in India.

The silkworm breeding takes place under natural conditions. The trees where the silkworms grow are not treated with fungicides, insecticides or genetic sprays. To protect the caterpillars and leaves from other insects or birds, the entire tree is covered with a net, like a mosquito net.

Once the silkworms have spun the cocoons, they are kept in a sheltered place until the pupae hatches out of the cocoon as a beautiful butterfly. This process can take 2 to 4 weeks. This particular method slows production but is fundamental to our philosophy of producing silk non-violently. Once the butterflies have left their cocoons, the cocoons are processed without the use of harmful chemicals.


  • shoulder less sleeves
  • Loose flattering silhouette
  • two straps that make a bow when tied



 Peace silk

Care Instructions: Dry Clean; Hand Wash; Specialist Clean

Free Worldwide Delivery from Czech Republic. This item is unique and handmade, please allow 2-3 weeks for creation and shipping.

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