SS 16 // WOMEN

When I design I always tell a story.

This new collection is a continuation of the story of Nureyev and Fonteyn. My A.W 15.16 collection took its inspiration from their meeting in 1961.  This collection moves forward in time.

Whilst Nureyev grew into an icon and adored star, Margot career was reborn and she became the Dame of British Empire. The world went crazy for this couple, choreographers were making ballets specially created for them, the film directors were making them stars of their movies and fashion and lifestyle  magazines were printing their faces on the cover of magazines.

In the middle of the 60’s, years before the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, there was Nureyev & Fonteyn mania.

It is this time, which was my inspiration for s/s16 collection.  Times, when this couple was forever changing the world of dance on world stages but the world wanted more. They wanted to know their privacy, tabloids were questioning their relationship status, the news were informing of their drug  arrest in San Francisco and papers were printing stories about the political scandal of Margot’s husband, the British diplomat in Panama.

It was the time when the media created its first POP icons…

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