This waist coat is crafted from a fine french brocade. The waistcoat is structured and features light, contemporary construction with modern twist pockets and two button fastening. Its color and pattern are ,,bohemian twists,, on formal wear.

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I would like to present you a free-spirited collection. The theme of the collection will allow us to be transported into a fairytale world. Its aim is to bring together in one collection the worlds and traditions of bohemians, travelers, poets and kings and queens.
I wanted it to be colorful and unconventional, yet classy. It is an exciting journey of colours, patterns, fabrics, shapes and cuts. It is where vintage accessories are meeting current designs. 
The bohemian vibe really came to me quite naturally. I spent my life within the theatre industry and amongst artists, travelling a lot. I could not stay in one place for long enough to set my routes.


100% brocade

Care Instructions 

Do Not Iron 
Do Not Tumble Dry 
Dry Clean 
Hand Wash
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